Monday, December 14, 2009


Tmhain kis ne kaha hai ye,
K main bhool payi hon,
Ghalat fehmi hai tumhari bas.
Na koi naya rasta talasha hai,
Na koi simt teh ki hai,
Ik jag hasai pe bas ankhain bheegi hain,
Meray dil ko yad hai tum ne,
Jis lamhay tora tha, laho ka ghusl dia tha,
Han bas us din he roi thi,
Par kahan jante ho k phir main kab soi hun,
Tamsha ban gayi thi main,
Bari thi hoi jag hasai bhi,
Main ik bar phir se lauti thi,
Umeed e wafa lekar teray shehr ayi thi,
Par wahan pohnchi to khabr ye suni main ne,
Tmaharay shehr walay,
Kisi or to tum se mansoob hain kar bethay,
Na phir junbish hoi ghanton,
Na main sans le payi,
Akaili main bhara majma’n,
Kharaba dil gaya lamha,
Na phir laut payi main na ruk kabhi payi,
Jo rasta teh kia mil kar,
Ussi pe hum bechar aye,
Wo rukhsat akhri thi apni,
Teray shehr main na phir kabhi aye!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009


I always wanted to be sure,
Of everything I had and everything I do,
I each time put a step forward,
I did it with passion and so much effort,
With certainty to win and no hopes to lose,
But then one day,
I felt as if my feet’s are somewhere down,
Deeper then I could imagine,
Heavy and fatigue,
I tried hard with all my strength,
But nothing helped,
And then I remember the God of mine,
HE who created me once,
With a certainty of nothing but my return,
I felt the path was easy,
Though my feet still pained,
But a wave then came,
I took away the sand and my hostage feet,
They were set free,
Nothing changed,
The sea still was calm and waves were same,
But I was different,
The belief was born-again…

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mujhe abhi bhi dard hota hai,
Par main aj bhi isko zahir yun naheen karti,
K itnay baray jahan main sunaon kisko bhala apni,
Yahan to hal wo hai k,
Guzar jain jo chand log to afsos bhi bhari hai,
Koi mar jaye to ab giran na dil pe guzarta hai,
Na zara afsurdgi ch'hati hai,
Jahan zinda rehnay walon ko saza jeenay ki milti hai,
Or marne walon ko ,
Bhala unka kia tazkira karon main,
K wo begunah lashain kafan ko he tarasti hain,
Lahoo main doobi hoi lashain,
Wo piyaron ki ah’hain or sadain,
Main jab yeh sab sunti hon,
To ansoo poonch kar apne,
farsh se kuch bulndi par asman se zara agay,
Ik nighah e dard k hathon,
Pegham e ilteja rakh kar hawaon k naam karti hon,
K dukh unke baray honge jinke apne gaye honge,
MALIK! to unko sabr ab dena,
Or hosla bakhsh kar hisar apna zara karna,
K wo ashk ankhon main samaye,
Teri imdad k muntazir honge,
Mera kia hai?
Main aglee bar apni phir hajat minmina dongi,
Abhi unki sun le to jinhon ne lashain uthayi hain,
Lahoo main dobay piyaro'n ki qabrain banayi hain,
Aye Allah ab rehm ho in par,
Dukhon k ye satye hain…

- illusiOn~

I was depressed like every other time in start the theme was different but as I wrote it eventually turned to a different destination..

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Abhi ye raat baqi hai,
Meri sanson main bhi rawani hai,
Magar kal jab yeh chand mujhe se mun mor kar,
Kis or dais main ja tu’lu hoga,
Main us waqt se darti hon,
Jab koi raat akhri hogi,
Libas e kafn urh kar main,
Phir nayi subh yun dekhon gi,
K kuhram e fugh’an,
mere charon tarf brpa hoa hoga,
Mera dil dob jata hai,
Bas ye anjam sooch kar he,
Kaise samna hoga kia mera muqam hoga,
Kia wo bakhshnay wala tab mehrba’n hoga,
Mera dil doob jata hai anjam e bewafai par,
Jo na dooba judai par wo khhon roota hai,
Ussay shanasai par,
Mujhe phir dar sa lagta hai,
Ankhain band karne se,
Thakan se chor hokar bhi,
Main garm bistar par narm takiye par,
Khuwabon ki chah lekar ankh band karti hon,
To anjam yad ata hai,
Wo sari ankahi batain, wo sari ghalat fehmi,
Wo jhagra wo badtameezi wo sab yad ata hai,
Mera dil kan’p jata hai,
Or wo Mehrba’n mujhko har bar maaf karta hai,
Neend ko naam wo mera ik naya pegham deta hai,
Zehn ko doob janay ka samaan deta hai,
Umeed e subh thama kar wo mujhe inaam deta hai..

- illusiOn~

images (2)
Waqt ka takaza tha,
Jisse main chor aya tha,
Wo abhi tak akeli thi,
Usay to bhol jana tha or agay bharna tha,
Magar ye kia hoa k main,
Ab k jo us taraf aya  Khara usko waheen paya,
Wohi be-rbtgi si thi wohi andaz thay uskay..,
Wohi tevar puranay waheen atkay se ansoo thay,
Na janay kiun aas lagay wo khari waheen thi,
Pata to usay bhi tha mujhe naheen lut kar ana,
Meri manzil to agay thi bas saath he chotna tha,
Jab main tasleem kar betha to wo kiun mehv-e-intezar thi,
Jise main chor aya tha ussi ki yeh kahani thi..

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ajeeb dasht hai k ,
Zakhum alood jigar hai,
Babool jaise bana raha hai,
Nishan meri shikasta roh pe,
Main jiyon kaise,
Or maron main kiun kar?
Magar is shikasta’s roh se koi to poochay,
Koi to samjhaye,
Meri roh k zakhum hain aise,
K kar rahain hain jism ko \ghayal,
Main mar rahi hon na jee rahi hon,
Zakhum zakhum hon bas,
Lahoo lahoo hoi hun.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Tired are my hands,
Emotionally I failed,
Its just the platinum of my courage,
On which I stand,
I wanted to be like you,
Run away from the window,
As sorrow enters from the gate,
But do you think even,
if I follow your foot prints,
Will that  make me,
Happy ever after again???

- illusiOn ~


 Being apart from each other,
It was easy yet and a convenient choice,
Made by you and approved by me,
And now we both are towards our,
Different destinations!
Its fine with me but it hurts,
When each morning I see my pillow,
Wet and
I hate myself why do I miss you?
It gets worst when dawn falls,
And I go somewhere,
Where you memories lies too,
I get mad on my companion,
I wish I could be mad at you,
As when you were going,
Taking things with you,
You tooth brush, your clothes shoes and accessories,
Why you forget them,
Didn't took them with you,
The memories we shared with in past few years,
I don’t want to rewind,
Here, take these with you,
Live them and feel how it is,
When every day you get up,
With a hope that you will live again,
But with pillow that is wet and stained..

- illusiOn ~

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I met her again near the lake,
This time me sad and she felicitous,
I was burning with every breath I take,
Cigarette flames were the only light,
Silence as the only agonist among us,
Darkness was our only guide,
And then she shed the tears of love,
For one she loved and the one she had,
Her cries were loud deep in pain,
But what to do when the eyes rain,
Oh! how could I stop her and cease her pain,
As I was the reason , the hard-hearted Cain,
Should I tell her of all I faced,
I grieve on what I caused,
But my girl knows,
Things were beyond my reach,
She yelled and I heard her screaming,
I heard her and I turned,
Glared as if I heard all wrong,
How this could happen, my world seems fallen,
I felt like dying, dying all in,
I stared her face from forehead to her nose,
And her lips, yes those rose red lips,
That I once kissed,
They opened wide as if they wish to smile,
I cleared my throat and my watering eyes ,
I wiped them off as she was about to forgot,
Who I was,
I went near by with a wished to clutch her tight,
So that I could fly up light but how could I when,
’ She was in LOVE again ’!

- illusiOn ©

P.S( Its my first story in poetic way, just a try.. suggestions and corrections.. r welcum..)

Monday, November 16, 2009


I want to wear the dress of silence,
I want to be quite now,
As I no more can shout with a choked throat,
I seek an escape yes! I want to run,
I want to jump up and fly high,
I want to discover the world and hide,
It was never about ‘you’,
Yes! it was never about ‘us’,
All revolves around me,
It’s always about ‘I’..

Thursday, October 29, 2009



Before my sun sets
let me dream
let me Muller my begrudge gleams
I want to run I want to rush
Before death makes me deem
As absence of hope
can stop my streams
But reams assures me
Wishes with hopes rapped in prayers
Can never be ceased..


Thursday, June 18, 2009

I saw her down the valley,
Again, near the lake side; looking so lonely,
Cigarette burning between two fingers,
She looked dazed from crashed memories,
Quiet but awake,
Serene but crashed,
Soft but mistrusted,
Strong she looked yet weak too,
Lost beyond disturbance,
I could feel it always and she could see it never,
Her glittering eyes were deep in pain,
Busy, she was; in collecting her memories, her treasure,
Drowned in her dreams,
Shattered dreams that were dashed into pointed pieces,
Shards that wounded her hands while they gathered,
I could see blood, wounds and tears,
Glimpses of invisible shearing pain she felt,
I want her to be happy again,
I hope she finds love again,
But my desires and hopes have different paths to lead,
I take my eyes off her,
And leave her down the valley,
To let her stand on her feet again,
And she will be in love again!


My little heart is afraid,
As it knows, soon I will hear your name with someone,
Someone but not me,
Peevish I get with a helpless heart,
I dont want to show, I dont want to care,
But listening to this I feel so dead,
I dont want you to be with anyone,
Dont ask me why? As I dont have any reason,
I Say I dont love you and I believ I dont,
Then why I feel you always around,
Words.. they are not rhyming,
But they might tell you!
What is going on in me,
As you all I can think off,
Yes I am get envious with even a though of your share,
And you have been knowing it ever since it was there,
Can you forgive, Can you be back?
Do you love me, Please nod your head in YES !
Just come back once , and I will never let you go again,
Come back and I will tell,
How hard its for me to hurt you as its like I hurt myself,
Shattered I am in trying to avoid you,
Tell me, what you do to me?
Why I cant forget you?
Just come back once , and I will never let you go again,
Come back and I will tell you,
How much I love you !!


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Immense thoughts of mine,
Led me towards the pain,,
The suffering of unviolent loss,
Captures me and my heart,
Heals me with a great gain of loss,
The gain of loss plunders me,
And my heart aches
Aches as the dusk falls to the dawn and,
Dawn falls to dusk,
It aches as if nothing is left but wounds,
Thousands of miles away you are,
Nor can i shout, nor can you hear,
So my wordless thoughts,
End on my silent grave!

Sunday, May 24, 2009


A turning point came in my life,

Dark, very dark and so very quiet,
As if nobody could hear me,
Restless and keen I was, to,
Know what's wrong, why I was,

Surrounded with infinite silence,
I wanted to scream but my voice was choked,
Languid I was, with no hope,
Escape I wanted but had no hope,
Not now, not again,
Tired and fatigued, but couldn't move on,

Groan in agony, as emotions melt from my heart
Result was in tears, leaving my eyes,
Although I loved silence,
Voices but I now wanted for sure,
Eager, bolstering words from my loved ones


P.S( Maverick thank you so much for help and you know what i wrote it keeping you in mind, imagining you and myself off course)
P.S.S( Its dedicate to me and maverick exclusively) heheh

Monday, May 4, 2009


My love if its not you but her,
If she is my love,
Whose right now is in my arms
Then why when i close my eyes
I see your image
Why I always try to find you in her
Why her touch doesn't possess the magic
That yours weilded,
Why your touch always ensnared my heart
And hers makes no difference,
Why her closeness doesnt make my heart flutter,
Why eyes of mine search you even when she is around
My love, if its her, why do I then look for you,
And if she is not and you are the one,
So baby just tell me
Why I let you go
My love if its you but not her!


P.S( I dont know why i wrote it.. but yes i wrote it for Tainted Love up coming blogisode.. )

I will leave you here and will die soon!

Since I met you my love,
I dont know and dont even want to know,
Oh! what you do to me,
You are so much to me, more then anything,
Without you I was like a thirsty desert,
Waiting for rain which can quench the thirst,
Before you - 'My blessing' arrived, I was like
A kid who stands facing the sky in a fair, lost and alone
But as I met you I felt,
On top of the world
Yet alone, but filled with your love
I dont know what you do to me
They all say, I am in love
My world is complete with you as my soul,
But as an angel, my love for you gets stronger,
A fear clinches my heart, fear of being apart not leaving you
How can I!!!
But what if my life loses and death wins
Then my love
I would have to...go...with no choice at all,
I will leave you here and will die soon..

P.S( This is for my dady.. I love you dad soooo much..)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Still You Wonder Where Is My Pride !

My hands are fatigued,
And my energy is missing,
My world is desolate,
Flow of emotions I cannot relate,

Still You Wonder Where Is My Pride !

I am tired of these emotions,
This crowd on exit gate of my heart,
As only few wants to enter,
And so many are there to leave,

Still You Wonder Where Is My Pride !

Spells are not working and so is your love,
My heart is sinking and tongue hushed up,
I chose though words btu they are not framing,
You may laugh as you have no idea of percieve,

Still You Wonder Where Is My Pride !


Monday, April 27, 2009

Ik Shikayat~

Meri awargi ko ab to samjho,
K tumhari khatir hai main ne urha,
Ye libada khud pe,
K shayed samjh tm pao,
Dil ye mera jala hai kitna,
Hawadis zamana beganay shanasa,
Na purkhulus lehja na shafqat bhara koi chehra,
Dar hai main melay main ab kho na jaon,
Mjhe tm akay toko ab bhar k zara mjh ko roko,
K maa main tot sa raha hon ab,
Bekhar na jaon,
Na hojaon kaheen reza reza,
Meri bataon ko maslon ko samjho zara tm,
Maa! Mjhe tham lo tm!
Main hon tota bohat mjhe jor do tm,
Magar tm sunti naheen ho,
koi ik sada Koi shikwa zara,
Or jo sunti ho to behla mjhe deti ho ab bhi,
Majbor zamanay se gar tm bhi hojao gi,
Mjhe na aghosh main apni chupao gi,
Main sambhlon ga kaise,
Main uthonga kiun,
Maa! Tm na himat jo meri bandhao gi.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


She was silent,
Silent as if she holds no words with in her,
Imbue in her own pain deep in her thoughts,
Nothing was wrong,
And so nothing was right,
Affably lovely and gorgeous,
She was all for me,
But oblivion I was for her,
I wanted to lag her heart,
And replace it with mine,
If only I could ever get a chance,
Embleming her with me was not only my passion,
But my dream my love for her,
Oh ! Yes but I was wrong,
I never wanted to ail her but i did,
And I was aidos on it,
I loved her and,
I wanted her as she was everything to me,
And I was noone but a zilch for her,
Nothing, nothing at all matters to me,
But just my love,
Love of mine, love for her.


Kiun jagti rehti ho,
So kiun naheen jateen,
Yun jagtay rehnay se,
Kia naseeb ka taluq,
Kiun tumhain ye lagta hai,
K ye rat jagay rang lain ge,
Naseeb inkay khil jain ge,
Raj kumar aa kar ke,
Betiyaan le jain ge,
Aisa kab ho hai jo,
Aas main tum yun bethi ho,
So kiun naheen jateen?
Jagti kiun rehti ho,
Dil tumhara maa ka hai,
Mantay ye hum bhi hain,
Fikr tm ko ziyada hai,
Jantay ye hum bhi hain,
Par ye naseebon k khail hain,
So itminan rakho tum,
Ik din hojai gi,
Betiyon ki shaadi bhi,
Par istarhan mat rutho tum,
Zaat se oper walay ki,
K wo palnay wala hai,
Kuch behtar karega wo,
Sab ka khayal rakhta hai,
Ab kiun istarhan se bethi ho,
Kiun jagti rehti ho,
So kiun naheen jateen!
P.S( for all mothers..)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Your Disappearance!

Lonesome me sitting under the tree,
As I saw you here again,
Languid I am without you,
Why you are nowhere Why you left me?
Just after you lag me with your love,
I am tired envisaging you around me,
I wait each day I dream of you every night,
Then why my wait does not comes to an end,
I want you to come back why you dont understand,
I am mal giving reasons to myself,
What went wrong when everything was so fine,
The gesture filling my emptiness,
Emptiness of your love,
So get back before its late,
Before disappearence of your's from my heart,
come back please!
As I am implacable without you,
But not this life,
It waited for whom, it waits never,
It keeps on it's move,
And It's growing distance between us,
Distance that can never be repress,
Come back before its dusk,
Come back before its late,
Come back before my heart gets used to of,
Your disappearence!


Friday, April 10, 2009

My hands are trembled..
My words are jumbled
I feel like a lost kid..
Searching for my family
The known faces among the unknown ones,
Standing facing the sky,
With nothing to do,
Helpless but hopefull,
In middle of a big crowd
With loads n loads of people around,
Around me but too busy to notice me,
To eager for thier destinations
Sometimes I feel blessed
That I am not one of them
But sometimes my heart aches
Why " i " am not one of these?
As my words are jumbled,
& my hands are trembled..

Monday, April 6, 2009


Frozen I am standing,
Remembering your grace,
I still miss you,
Embolden I was everytime you were around,
Need of you it still here with me,
Do come back as my friendship still lasts,
Same it will be forever, for you,
How much I love, is not the question,
I still miss you and that what matters,
Protest I will, if you don't! ... miss me


Frank and free, easy to be with,
Relation we all wants such,
I even want so,
Emblaze I was when we met,
Now I did why i felt so,
Different you were but not from me,
So fimiliar you looked, it,
Happens not with all of us,
I now have a friend like you, what else I need,
Praise, honour, love. none but you.. forever..


For more check:

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Abhi To Usnay Ana Tha..

Abhi to usnay ana tha,
Nai umangon naye armanon k liye,
K uski behn ki shadi thi,
Abhi to tankhuwa ayi thi,
Usnay to kal ana tha,
Magar ye kia k wo aj aya bhi to,
Char kandhon par,
Safaid libas pehnay,
Usay to ye rung khalta tha,
Khuwab or khumar rakhnay wali ankhain aj band theen,
Na janay kiun wo itni ghairi neend main doba tha,
Halankay kai kam abhi uskay adhoray thay,
Kai jaga card denay thay kai intezam karnay thay,
Phir wo kiun or kaise sogaya tha,
Behn ko rukhsat bhi to usnay karna tha,
Magar yahan to meri beti usay wida kar rahi thi,
Kai bar samjhaya usay par,
Hameesha isay satata hai rulata hai,
Jab ye roth jati hai phir manata hai,
Meri beti aj Khush amdeed kehnay k bajaye,
Bhai ko KHUDA HAFIZ keh rahi hai ,
Bhala anay walaon ko kb aise kehtay hain?
Keh rahi hon issay k hansay zara bolay,
Iska bhai aya hai,
Par ye ro rahi hai or wo chup laita hai sunta naheen,
So raha hai shayed thak kar aya hoga,
Magar usay to kal ana tha..


P.S(dedicatd to those who died in islamabad attach last night.. najanay kiski maa uska intezar ab tak kar rahi ho)

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Partially i am broken,
Alone and zonked without you,
Immerse I am with your thoughts,
Nothing else as I can do now,

I love you and thats a truth,
Sadness enchant me as every night your dreams end..

Ailness of mind is how I see my fate,
Don't you love me?, if you,
Do come back please then,
I am missing you,
Consummate you will me,
To feel you with me is all I want..
I love you believe me,
Vivid your memory is and I seek
Enslave I am of yours..


Prompted @ Acrostic Only

Friday, April 3, 2009


Sometime back I tried,
Unaware of the reason,
I almost gave up my life,
Circumstances made me pay,
I still regret for what I did,
Did all wrong and it results, even worst,
Enraged I was, ignored by everyone,

Immense my feelings were,
Someone I wanted by my side,

An ailing mind, I never wanted,

Cicumstances but were when in my hand,
Remember, I do, just my LORD,
Intense shame, I'll feel when I meet him!
Morose was all i felt,
Emboldened I was, imbued with His love!


P.S(My first try to acrostic poem do comment how it is)
P.S.S( Asbah bundle of thanks for suggesting me to be with mav he helps a lot love u both)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

So What If I am Blind !

I can't see the colours, can't praise them like you can,
I can't jump on floor on beds in happiness like you can,
I can't hug my friends rushing towards them like you can,
As All the time I have to hold a stick, have to note every skip,

So What If I am Blind !

Though you can shout with fear watching movies,
And you can see languid on people's faces,
By attending parties you can easily bewitch people,
This all you can do but there is none what i can,

So What If I am Blind !

If I cant show the flickers in my eyes, So what !
If I even cant see the thundering nights, So what!
If mirth is all by eyes and chant by ears, So what!
I can't feel the pleasure I cant hear the intones, So what!

So What If I am Blind !

If everything, you have to deem and you have to appraise
I relent not easily for what then,
As i heed all for myself, as I am the decreed
I grin always as I feel no shame,

So What If I am Blind !

So What If I cant see the colours, the light,
And its you who sees thunders not the loneliness,
Yes it's you who can see everything but have zilch for feeling it,
And here its me who feels everything but can see nothing..

So What If I am Blind !
P.S( Thank you Maveric for the help Love u for this)
P.S.S( the credit goes to mav for refining it.. )

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mere jazbon se mt khailo,
Inhon ne kia bigara hai,
Kia ye tm se khilay hain,
ya dil tmhara tora hai,
mjhe yun mat karo chota,
Na jhutlao is tarhan se tm,
Zara sa samna karlo,
Tm mjh se baat to karlo,
Batao faisla kia ho,
Saza nam ho kiske ,
jaza kiska muqadar ho,
Fateh hai tehra kon,
Ab qatl kiska ho,
Ye humdum soch lo ab tm,
K hum to tmharay,
Tm par imaan rakhtay hain,
Sar khum bhi kardain ge,
Zara jo tm faisla karlo,
k kon mat khaiga,
Kon geetay jai ga,
Meri to arzi bas itni hai,
K mere jazbaat se na khailo tm!
Inhon ne kia bigara hai?

Friday, March 27, 2009

Mujhe bas ik nazm likhni hai,
Aisi nazm k,
Jjiski ibteda tm ho,
Inteha main hon,
Jiski bunyad tm ho,
Khameer main hon,
Jiska wajood tm ho,
Jazbaat main hon,
Jiska khaloos tm ho,
Aitemaad main hon,
Jiska ka safar tm ho,
Manzil main hon,
Jiski tamheed tm ho,
Mazmoom main hon,
Magar karun kia,
Likhon ye sab magar,
Magar kaise?
K tm ho kar bhi yun ho,
K lagta hai naheen ho,
Kaho kahon kaise,
Jo is dil main bhara hai,
Kahon kaise,
K mjhe to ik nazm likhni hai,
Aisi nazm k,
Jiska unwaan tm ho,
Kahani main hon,
Bs ik aisi nazm likhni hai,
Kaho tm he likhon kaise?
Mjhe jo ik nazm likhni hai.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Go masroof rehnay se,
Yaad na uski kam hogi,
Tofaan to phir bhi ayega,
Or ankhon main jb wo chahyega,
Phir takiye raat bhar bhegay ga,
Tab gharwalay sab pochain ge,
Kiun surkh hain doray ankhon k,
Kia kal shab thi barsat bhi ayi,
Kiun bin mosam sawan barsa tha,
Ye dehan kahan par chor ayi,
Kis duniya main dil apna de ayi,
Wo takiya subha kiun gila tha,
Ye saray sawal sb pochain ge,
Par hain jawab to na maloom,
Ab dekh k sb mjh ko,
haulain ge,
Main bolon kia,
Or bolon kiun?
Kiun Tashheer karon ,
Main zakhumon ki,
Jab wo ab na wapis ayega,
Main chup hon ab,
Or masroof bohat,
Bas raat ko dil ghabrata hai,
Jab dil main khayal ye ata hai,
K ab wo na wapis ayega!

Tumhari apni duniya main,
Bulaon par tumhain kaise,
K manna tmhara ab hai namumkin,
Mera ana naheen mumkin,
K safar ki tayyari hai,
Bari mushkil se bandhi hai,
Magar jana bhi kiun zarori hai,
K ab tak aaas qayam hai,
Main rasta chor jaon par,
Tumharay laut anay ka imkan baqi hai,
Intezar hai mujh ko,
K tum ao to main phr jaon,
Aise he kiun weran rasta kar jaon,
So tum bhi,
Zara jaldi karo anay ki,
K koi tak raha hai rah,
Ao tm zara idher to main udhar jaon,
Han! Tm ao to main jaon!


Sehriyon par beth kar
yun roth janay se
kia wo laut ayega
akar tmhain manayega?
Pyar se chupkay se
akar kiun behlayega?
Jo usko pana hai
wo to tm ho nahi
phr ye aithna kiun?
Isqadar rothna kiun?
Us ki aas main sehriyon par
yun bethna kiun?
Jo andar jakar k lait jao tm
so jao tm k
Wo ab na ayega!
Intezar ... Lahasil
Wo ab na ayega!
by me!

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Uskay jatay waqt ka manzar,
Kaise bhool jaon,
Wo toota lehja mera,
Wo andaz ajizana,
Thukrana wo uska,
Majboriyan uski,
Guraiz uska wo nazron ka jhukna,
Main samjh sab rahi thi,
Main ne bhi palkon ka jhalar giraya,
Or ankhon ki seep main,
Ansu jaise moti band kar liye,
Usay kaha jao,
Usnay kaha bohat zarori hai,
Main ne kaha jao,
Usnay kaha jee logi na,
Main ne kaha ab jao bhi,
Usnay kaha waqt hai thora,
Main ne kaha chalay jao,
Usnay kaha sun to lo,
Main ne kaha jatay kiun naheen,
Usnay kaha maaf kardogi na?
Main ne kaha ja bhi chuka,
Usnay kaha Khuda hafiz,
Main ne ankh ko khola jab,
To kia main ne dikha,
Na uski sada thi na wo khud khara tha,
Han wo ja chuka tha,
Seep jaisi ankhain khuleen,
Us main chupay moti bahye,
Main ne aks phr pani main apna daikha,
Main to ab bhi waisi thi,
Jaisi wo batata tha,
Phir kiun wo rukhsat chahta tha,
Kiun wo jana chahta tha!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

They say
talk more it helps
but when it can?
When it did?
As i am talking since my birth
with my family
with you my love
But why i am always
heard not listened?
Why my questions are
difficult to answer?
Why instead of anything
you all have to say is 'just like that'
why cant people listen to me
When i want to speak
what i want to say.!
I want to talk
But there is noone to listen
a bunch can hear but they
They cant listen..!


Agar rishton main mohabbat
Bohat he zarori hai,
To ye tum kia kar rahay ho,
Bhai ko bhai se larwa kar,
Kon se rishtay nibha rahay ho,
Ye kon hain jo ro rahain hain?
Ye kin ki sansain ukhar rahi hain,
Inhain marnay wala kon hai?
Ye tum ho , ye main hon,
K chup rehnay wala zulm par bhi to zalim hai,
Jb sitam karnay walay bhi hum hain,
Sehnay walay bhi hum hain,
To ao chalo utho ! Milkar!
Muqablay par utrain ge,
Ye rishton ko tornay walay,
Ab ki bar tootain ge,
Jab hum milkar hansain ge larain ge,
Ye bilak kar roain ge,
Ao zara dushman ko dikhain ge,
K muqad'dar in ka photay ga,
Ab bas yehi roain ge,
Hum to ab mohabbat manaiin ge,
Rishtay nibhaain ge,
Zarooratain mushkilain mil kar batain ge,
Hum dushman ko dikha dain ge,
Hum alag hon to hum tot jatay hain,
Dushman asani se tab humain mar saktay hain,
Par jab hum mil jain to,
Dushman hum se bhagain hain!

- illusiOn~

P.S ( dedicted to Pakistan)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Haikus calling me now
me getting crazy as its fun
me waiting for you!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


You want new experiment,
I know!
You want some refeshment,
Although the requirment of love,
Ah ! its just the same,
She must been a different girl,
She must been heart-taking,
She must been a beauty,
But then,
Who was I for you?
If I wasn't love,
And she was the one,
Then how sure you are,
You want not me now,
Thing got between us,
Oh! tell me how?
Answer me and here I leave,
Was me not enough for you?
Why are you quite,
Correct me if i am mistaken,
Or is it because I hav'nt left yet,
So here I go with a question,
Leaving for you,


Chalo Bhool He Jatay Hain !

Chalo bhool he jatay hain,
tumhari bataon ko,
Un be-maqsad yadon ko,
Beetay lamhain hain saray,
Bas bhool bholaiyan jaise hain,
Rastay bhi gumnaam hon jinke,
Aur manzil bhi be-nishaan si ho,
Chalo bhool he jatay hain,
Band kar lain ge hum rastay saray,
Ab ki baar na roain ge,
Or'rh ke kambal sard ruton main,
Bati (light) bujha kar tan ke lambi,
Is bar bohat sa soain ge,
Ik takiya he bheegay ga na!
Chalo Bhool He Jatay Hain..

- illusiOn!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

KHAUF! `(A fear of my heart)`

Nazmon ke liye kia zarooori hai,
Koi jazba dil main ho,
Koi hadesa guzra ho,
Mera pass naheen koi baat,
Hai tumahin batanay ko,
Na he koi saneha hai,
Tumharay dil ke behlanay ko,
Bas dil yeh bhoojal hai,
Bohat bechain sa hai,
Na janay kiun!
Naheen maloom,
Aik barf si hai andar,
Jo andar main jami si hai,
Bohat he ghutan si hai,
Kisay main sada don bhar kar,
Naheen koi bhi to nazar ata,
Madad ko naheen ata,
Dil-e-muztar akaila hai,
Khauf hai isko bohat ata!


Saturday, February 28, 2009

Khuda Hafiz -(A good bye!)

Khuda hafiz kia zaroori hai,
Tumahin malon naheen hai k,
Kitni wehshat hai is lafz main,
Kaisi shidadt hai is main k,
Mera ye dil seh naheen sakta,
Or us par zulm aisa k,
Ye kuch keh naheen pata,
So main jaldi se kehti hon,
Or bura lagta hai ye tum ko,
Magar main kia karon k,
Ye dil phir sambhal naheen pata
Bohat dair tak phir yeh machalta hai,
Khuda-hafiz tumhain keh kar,
Kai ghantay sulagta hai!


P.S(Its for you as you hate my good-bye)
P.SS(please visit for more illusiOn`


Zara ao!
Shuru kardain,
Phir se khail wo apna,
Jahan se chor bethay thay,
Chalo ao!
Gondhain ge zara phir,
Is nazuk si mitti ko,
banain ge naye se ghar,
samo ke khuwab kuch alhar,
Bicha ke farsh par ansoo,
Bunyaad uski khushi rakh kar,
Daman main hansi bhar kar,
Bana kar khoob khelain ge,
Magar jab soraj chupnay ki,
Zid pakar le phr,
Tum bhi ghar laut jald ana,
K ye ghar bhi to tumhara hai,
Tum apnay khuwab dedena,
Us pyase dariya ko behtay samandar ko,
Wo kahan warna payega,
Inhain rukhsat karke ana tum,
K yahan kiya kam hai inka,
Yahan mumkin naheen hai k,
Wo kuch pal bhi zara jee lain,
Or tum to nazuk si larki ho,
Kahan mumkin hai ke seh jao,
Inko daikh k marta,
Chalo choro,
Zara ao!
Chalain hum tm zara khailain,
Phr se khail wo apna!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mujhe yaad hai ab bhi zara zara,
Tera husn dhata qayamatain,
Wo roop tera atisheen,
Har aan teri ahatain,
Na main bhool saka kuch zara,
Mujhe yaad hai sab zara zara,
Wo Khuda ki tujh pe nematain,
To sarapa jaise rehmatain,
Mera behkna or teri muzhamatain,
Nama main daman apna bacha saka,
Na tujh se he door ja saka,
Na main bhool saka kuch zara,
Mujhe yaad hai han!
Sab zara zara!

Atisheen = آتشیں = Ignescent

Muzhamatain = مزحمتیں = resist

Why Be Silent?

Your eyes are watering
Your face is wet
are you upset?
Have you seen a rat?
What makes you sad
In such late hours
Why are you awoken like a bat,
I don't know the reason,
Want me to bet?
You were never so silent
Haven't loved yet
Silence kills
So lets just reset
Or else tell me
No need of a pet
Only talks helps to connect
So why be silent?
When words can do the best!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Rid Of Me!

Leaving you is hard..
Hard for me even,
This will hurt me,
As it will pain you,
But i cant contitinue,
Before leaving,
I want to return,
Not your gifts,
oh! How i can,
But your love,
Although no matter,
Where i go!
What i do, how i feel,
your feel will b there in me,
But i want you to get free,
Of my love, from my feel,
As you have so much to do,
Much to face, loads to trace,
while you're sleeping,
I am leaving,
If i wont,
You will be weeping,
As my exit cannot be prolong,
So here i go,
Taking you partialy in me,
With a wish for you,
That you may get rid of me!


P.S(Its all about the pain one feels while leaving other. It sometimes happen life makes us apart! Do comment.)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Allow me once
oh u please
to take u back,
where we started,
And then ride you here,
So that we both can see,
Who was wrong,
Who was so wrong that we are aparted,
From those around I hear a cry,
And in me it so dry
I want to tell you everything,
But i feel dumb,
I know its painful,
Just i cant feel,
The pain is in your heart,
Is visible through your eyes,
I can see but cant just feel,
As i no longer am alive,
Although i breath, eat and listen,
But i cant speak,
My ideology is changed,
And so is me,
I am so quite and the silence is in me,
No longer i wish to be free,
I hope for death,
As I seek for sleep,
As nothing is left,
For me to see,
But before i leave,
I wish to cry,
Holding you tight,
I wish to die!


P.s(I know this is not a very fine piece of mine while reading i know you will come accross of alot of mistakes for whic i am sorry by my heart!)

The fear in me
helps me never
in searching you
despite the fact
that i miss u
the heart in me
loves you
my brain never respond
on any feeling of your's
it makes me quite
quite and silent
as its before storm
the storm comes
just aftr you leave
it takes away everythng
that is with in me
and it too like you
makes me alone!
All alone on my own!
P.S(I dedicate this poem to people who felt this feeling, the feeling of loneliness even in crowd)