Monday, November 30, 2009



 Being apart from each other,
It was easy yet and a convenient choice,
Made by you and approved by me,
And now we both are towards our,
Different destinations!
Its fine with me but it hurts,
When each morning I see my pillow,
Wet and
I hate myself why do I miss you?
It gets worst when dawn falls,
And I go somewhere,
Where you memories lies too,
I get mad on my companion,
I wish I could be mad at you,
As when you were going,
Taking things with you,
You tooth brush, your clothes shoes and accessories,
Why you forget them,
Didn't took them with you,
The memories we shared with in past few years,
I don’t want to rewind,
Here, take these with you,
Live them and feel how it is,
When every day you get up,
With a hope that you will live again,
But with pillow that is wet and stained..

- illusiOn ~


  1. Maverick said...
    beautifully crafted with the raw intricacies of a relationship! nicely done! luvd it! :)
    illusiOn said...
    It has alot in it and i know you know it too

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