Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I met her again near the lake,
This time me sad and she felicitous,
I was burning with every breath I take,
Cigarette flames were the only light,
Silence as the only agonist among us,
Darkness was our only guide,
And then she shed the tears of love,
For one she loved and the one she had,
Her cries were loud deep in pain,
But what to do when the eyes rain,
Oh! how could I stop her and cease her pain,
As I was the reason , the hard-hearted Cain,
Should I tell her of all I faced,
I grieve on what I caused,
But my girl knows,
Things were beyond my reach,
She yelled and I heard her screaming,
I heard her and I turned,
Glared as if I heard all wrong,
How this could happen, my world seems fallen,
I felt like dying, dying all in,
I stared her face from forehead to her nose,
And her lips, yes those rose red lips,
That I once kissed,
They opened wide as if they wish to smile,
I cleared my throat and my watering eyes ,
I wiped them off as she was about to forgot,
Who I was,
I went near by with a wished to clutch her tight,
So that I could fly up light but how could I when,
’ She was in LOVE again ’!

- illusiOn ©

P.S( Its my first story in poetic way, just a try.. suggestions and corrections.. r welcum..)


  1. Maverick said...
    I had da honour of being da 1st (i believe) reader of "Love, again" i.e: da 1st version....nd i had thought it was your best work then....

    Then, the circumstances were different, things were diff....

    This one is better than da 1st one is very beautiful! I do not know the inspiration neither the motivation behind dis one, but all i know is dat id der is one it is very immensely powerful!

    Coz dis is a wonderful work! beautiful! <3 it!

    tc! :)
    illusiOn said...
    Ooooooo thank you so very much MAVERICK.. its an honour for me... :) seriosuly..

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