Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Still You Wonder Where Is My Pride !

My hands are fatigued,
And my energy is missing,
My world is desolate,
Flow of emotions I cannot relate,

Still You Wonder Where Is My Pride !

I am tired of these emotions,
This crowd on exit gate of my heart,
As only few wants to enter,
And so many are there to leave,

Still You Wonder Where Is My Pride !

Spells are not working and so is your love,
My heart is sinking and tongue hushed up,
I chose though words btu they are not framing,
You may laugh as you have no idea of percieve,

Still You Wonder Where Is My Pride !


Monday, April 27, 2009

Ik Shikayat~

Meri awargi ko ab to samjho,
K tumhari khatir hai main ne urha,
Ye libada khud pe,
K shayed samjh tm pao,
Dil ye mera jala hai kitna,
Hawadis zamana beganay shanasa,
Na purkhulus lehja na shafqat bhara koi chehra,
Dar hai main melay main ab kho na jaon,
Mjhe tm akay toko ab bhar k zara mjh ko roko,
K maa main tot sa raha hon ab,
Bekhar na jaon,
Na hojaon kaheen reza reza,
Meri bataon ko maslon ko samjho zara tm,
Maa! Mjhe tham lo tm!
Main hon tota bohat mjhe jor do tm,
Magar tm sunti naheen ho,
koi ik sada Koi shikwa zara,
Or jo sunti ho to behla mjhe deti ho ab bhi,
Majbor zamanay se gar tm bhi hojao gi,
Mjhe na aghosh main apni chupao gi,
Main sambhlon ga kaise,
Main uthonga kiun,
Maa! Tm na himat jo meri bandhao gi.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


She was silent,
Silent as if she holds no words with in her,
Imbue in her own pain deep in her thoughts,
Nothing was wrong,
And so nothing was right,
Affably lovely and gorgeous,
She was all for me,
But oblivion I was for her,
I wanted to lag her heart,
And replace it with mine,
If only I could ever get a chance,
Embleming her with me was not only my passion,
But my dream my love for her,
Oh ! Yes but I was wrong,
I never wanted to ail her but i did,
And I was aidos on it,
I loved her and,
I wanted her as she was everything to me,
And I was noone but a zilch for her,
Nothing, nothing at all matters to me,
But just my love,
Love of mine, love for her.


Kiun jagti rehti ho,
So kiun naheen jateen,
Yun jagtay rehnay se,
Kia naseeb ka taluq,
Kiun tumhain ye lagta hai,
K ye rat jagay rang lain ge,
Naseeb inkay khil jain ge,
Raj kumar aa kar ke,
Betiyaan le jain ge,
Aisa kab ho hai jo,
Aas main tum yun bethi ho,
So kiun naheen jateen?
Jagti kiun rehti ho,
Dil tumhara maa ka hai,
Mantay ye hum bhi hain,
Fikr tm ko ziyada hai,
Jantay ye hum bhi hain,
Par ye naseebon k khail hain,
So itminan rakho tum,
Ik din hojai gi,
Betiyon ki shaadi bhi,
Par istarhan mat rutho tum,
Zaat se oper walay ki,
K wo palnay wala hai,
Kuch behtar karega wo,
Sab ka khayal rakhta hai,
Ab kiun istarhan se bethi ho,
Kiun jagti rehti ho,
So kiun naheen jateen!
P.S( for all mothers..)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Your Disappearance!

Lonesome me sitting under the tree,
As I saw you here again,
Languid I am without you,
Why you are nowhere Why you left me?
Just after you lag me with your love,
I am tired envisaging you around me,
I wait each day I dream of you every night,
Then why my wait does not comes to an end,
I want you to come back why you dont understand,
I am mal giving reasons to myself,
What went wrong when everything was so fine,
The gesture filling my emptiness,
Emptiness of your love,
So get back before its late,
Before disappearence of your's from my heart,
come back please!
As I am implacable without you,
But not this life,
It waited for whom, it waits never,
It keeps on it's move,
And It's growing distance between us,
Distance that can never be repress,
Come back before its dusk,
Come back before its late,
Come back before my heart gets used to of,
Your disappearence!


Friday, April 10, 2009

My hands are trembled..
My words are jumbled
I feel like a lost kid..
Searching for my family
The known faces among the unknown ones,
Standing facing the sky,
With nothing to do,
Helpless but hopefull,
In middle of a big crowd
With loads n loads of people around,
Around me but too busy to notice me,
To eager for thier destinations
Sometimes I feel blessed
That I am not one of them
But sometimes my heart aches
Why " i " am not one of these?
As my words are jumbled,
& my hands are trembled..

Monday, April 6, 2009


Frozen I am standing,
Remembering your grace,
I still miss you,
Embolden I was everytime you were around,
Need of you it still here with me,
Do come back as my friendship still lasts,
Same it will be forever, for you,
How much I love, is not the question,
I still miss you and that what matters,
Protest I will, if you don't! ... miss me


Frank and free, easy to be with,
Relation we all wants such,
I even want so,
Emblaze I was when we met,
Now I did why i felt so,
Different you were but not from me,
So fimiliar you looked, it,
Happens not with all of us,
I now have a friend like you, what else I need,
Praise, honour, love. none but you.. forever..


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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Abhi To Usnay Ana Tha..

Abhi to usnay ana tha,
Nai umangon naye armanon k liye,
K uski behn ki shadi thi,
Abhi to tankhuwa ayi thi,
Usnay to kal ana tha,
Magar ye kia k wo aj aya bhi to,
Char kandhon par,
Safaid libas pehnay,
Usay to ye rung khalta tha,
Khuwab or khumar rakhnay wali ankhain aj band theen,
Na janay kiun wo itni ghairi neend main doba tha,
Halankay kai kam abhi uskay adhoray thay,
Kai jaga card denay thay kai intezam karnay thay,
Phir wo kiun or kaise sogaya tha,
Behn ko rukhsat bhi to usnay karna tha,
Magar yahan to meri beti usay wida kar rahi thi,
Kai bar samjhaya usay par,
Hameesha isay satata hai rulata hai,
Jab ye roth jati hai phir manata hai,
Meri beti aj Khush amdeed kehnay k bajaye,
Bhai ko KHUDA HAFIZ keh rahi hai ,
Bhala anay walaon ko kb aise kehtay hain?
Keh rahi hon issay k hansay zara bolay,
Iska bhai aya hai,
Par ye ro rahi hai or wo chup laita hai sunta naheen,
So raha hai shayed thak kar aya hoga,
Magar usay to kal ana tha..


P.S(dedicatd to those who died in islamabad attach last night.. najanay kiski maa uska intezar ab tak kar rahi ho)

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Partially i am broken,
Alone and zonked without you,
Immerse I am with your thoughts,
Nothing else as I can do now,

I love you and thats a truth,
Sadness enchant me as every night your dreams end..

Ailness of mind is how I see my fate,
Don't you love me?, if you,
Do come back please then,
I am missing you,
Consummate you will me,
To feel you with me is all I want..
I love you believe me,
Vivid your memory is and I seek
Enslave I am of yours..


Prompted @ Acrostic Only

Friday, April 3, 2009


Sometime back I tried,
Unaware of the reason,
I almost gave up my life,
Circumstances made me pay,
I still regret for what I did,
Did all wrong and it results, even worst,
Enraged I was, ignored by everyone,

Immense my feelings were,
Someone I wanted by my side,

An ailing mind, I never wanted,

Cicumstances but were when in my hand,
Remember, I do, just my LORD,
Intense shame, I'll feel when I meet him!
Morose was all i felt,
Emboldened I was, imbued with His love!


P.S(My first try to acrostic poem do comment how it is)
P.S.S( Asbah bundle of thanks for suggesting me to be with mav he helps a lot love u both)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

So What If I am Blind !

I can't see the colours, can't praise them like you can,
I can't jump on floor on beds in happiness like you can,
I can't hug my friends rushing towards them like you can,
As All the time I have to hold a stick, have to note every skip,

So What If I am Blind !

Though you can shout with fear watching movies,
And you can see languid on people's faces,
By attending parties you can easily bewitch people,
This all you can do but there is none what i can,

So What If I am Blind !

If I cant show the flickers in my eyes, So what !
If I even cant see the thundering nights, So what!
If mirth is all by eyes and chant by ears, So what!
I can't feel the pleasure I cant hear the intones, So what!

So What If I am Blind !

If everything, you have to deem and you have to appraise
I relent not easily for what then,
As i heed all for myself, as I am the decreed
I grin always as I feel no shame,

So What If I am Blind !

So What If I cant see the colours, the light,
And its you who sees thunders not the loneliness,
Yes it's you who can see everything but have zilch for feeling it,
And here its me who feels everything but can see nothing..

So What If I am Blind !
P.S( Thank you Maveric for the help Love u for this)
P.S.S( the credit goes to mav for refining it.. )