Thursday, June 18, 2009

I saw her down the valley,
Again, near the lake side; looking so lonely,
Cigarette burning between two fingers,
She looked dazed from crashed memories,
Quiet but awake,
Serene but crashed,
Soft but mistrusted,
Strong she looked yet weak too,
Lost beyond disturbance,
I could feel it always and she could see it never,
Her glittering eyes were deep in pain,
Busy, she was; in collecting her memories, her treasure,
Drowned in her dreams,
Shattered dreams that were dashed into pointed pieces,
Shards that wounded her hands while they gathered,
I could see blood, wounds and tears,
Glimpses of invisible shearing pain she felt,
I want her to be happy again,
I hope she finds love again,
But my desires and hopes have different paths to lead,
I take my eyes off her,
And leave her down the valley,
To let her stand on her feet again,
And she will be in love again!


My little heart is afraid,
As it knows, soon I will hear your name with someone,
Someone but not me,
Peevish I get with a helpless heart,
I dont want to show, I dont want to care,
But listening to this I feel so dead,
I dont want you to be with anyone,
Dont ask me why? As I dont have any reason,
I Say I dont love you and I believ I dont,
Then why I feel you always around,
Words.. they are not rhyming,
But they might tell you!
What is going on in me,
As you all I can think off,
Yes I am get envious with even a though of your share,
And you have been knowing it ever since it was there,
Can you forgive, Can you be back?
Do you love me, Please nod your head in YES !
Just come back once , and I will never let you go again,
Come back and I will tell,
How hard its for me to hurt you as its like I hurt myself,
Shattered I am in trying to avoid you,
Tell me, what you do to me?
Why I cant forget you?
Just come back once , and I will never let you go again,
Come back and I will tell you,
How much I love you !!