Monday, May 4, 2009

I will leave you here and will die soon!

Since I met you my love,
I dont know and dont even want to know,
Oh! what you do to me,
You are so much to me, more then anything,
Without you I was like a thirsty desert,
Waiting for rain which can quench the thirst,
Before you - 'My blessing' arrived, I was like
A kid who stands facing the sky in a fair, lost and alone
But as I met you I felt,
On top of the world
Yet alone, but filled with your love
I dont know what you do to me
They all say, I am in love
My world is complete with you as my soul,
But as an angel, my love for you gets stronger,
A fear clinches my heart, fear of being apart not leaving you
How can I!!!
But what if my life loses and death wins
Then my love
I would have to...go...with no choice at all,
I will leave you here and will die soon..

P.S( This is for my dady.. I love you dad soooo much..)

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  1. Brosreview said...
    Oh! I am taken back as the initial lines seemed very much to a lover but the accompanying picture and footnote advised something else. Strong thoughts here! Again, if you could omit these grammatical errors and wrong word usages, this one can serve as a very good tribute to dads. Keep writing!!!

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