Thursday, April 23, 2009


She was silent,
Silent as if she holds no words with in her,
Imbue in her own pain deep in her thoughts,
Nothing was wrong,
And so nothing was right,
Affably lovely and gorgeous,
She was all for me,
But oblivion I was for her,
I wanted to lag her heart,
And replace it with mine,
If only I could ever get a chance,
Embleming her with me was not only my passion,
But my dream my love for her,
Oh ! Yes but I was wrong,
I never wanted to ail her but i did,
And I was aidos on it,
I loved her and,
I wanted her as she was everything to me,
And I was noone but a zilch for her,
Nothing, nothing at all matters to me,
But just my love,
Love of mine, love for her.



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