Saturday, February 28, 2009

Khuda Hafiz -(A good bye!)

Khuda hafiz kia zaroori hai,
Tumahin malon naheen hai k,
Kitni wehshat hai is lafz main,
Kaisi shidadt hai is main k,
Mera ye dil seh naheen sakta,
Or us par zulm aisa k,
Ye kuch keh naheen pata,
So main jaldi se kehti hon,
Or bura lagta hai ye tum ko,
Magar main kia karon k,
Ye dil phir sambhal naheen pata
Bohat dair tak phir yeh machalta hai,
Khuda-hafiz tumhain keh kar,
Kai ghantay sulagta hai!


P.S(Its for you as you hate my good-bye)
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Zara ao!
Shuru kardain,
Phir se khail wo apna,
Jahan se chor bethay thay,
Chalo ao!
Gondhain ge zara phir,
Is nazuk si mitti ko,
banain ge naye se ghar,
samo ke khuwab kuch alhar,
Bicha ke farsh par ansoo,
Bunyaad uski khushi rakh kar,
Daman main hansi bhar kar,
Bana kar khoob khelain ge,
Magar jab soraj chupnay ki,
Zid pakar le phr,
Tum bhi ghar laut jald ana,
K ye ghar bhi to tumhara hai,
Tum apnay khuwab dedena,
Us pyase dariya ko behtay samandar ko,
Wo kahan warna payega,
Inhain rukhsat karke ana tum,
K yahan kiya kam hai inka,
Yahan mumkin naheen hai k,
Wo kuch pal bhi zara jee lain,
Or tum to nazuk si larki ho,
Kahan mumkin hai ke seh jao,
Inko daikh k marta,
Chalo choro,
Zara ao!
Chalain hum tm zara khailain,
Phr se khail wo apna!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mujhe yaad hai ab bhi zara zara,
Tera husn dhata qayamatain,
Wo roop tera atisheen,
Har aan teri ahatain,
Na main bhool saka kuch zara,
Mujhe yaad hai sab zara zara,
Wo Khuda ki tujh pe nematain,
To sarapa jaise rehmatain,
Mera behkna or teri muzhamatain,
Nama main daman apna bacha saka,
Na tujh se he door ja saka,
Na main bhool saka kuch zara,
Mujhe yaad hai han!
Sab zara zara!

Atisheen = آتشیں = Ignescent

Muzhamatain = مزحمتیں = resist

Why Be Silent?

Your eyes are watering
Your face is wet
are you upset?
Have you seen a rat?
What makes you sad
In such late hours
Why are you awoken like a bat,
I don't know the reason,
Want me to bet?
You were never so silent
Haven't loved yet
Silence kills
So lets just reset
Or else tell me
No need of a pet
Only talks helps to connect
So why be silent?
When words can do the best!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Rid Of Me!

Leaving you is hard..
Hard for me even,
This will hurt me,
As it will pain you,
But i cant contitinue,
Before leaving,
I want to return,
Not your gifts,
oh! How i can,
But your love,
Although no matter,
Where i go!
What i do, how i feel,
your feel will b there in me,
But i want you to get free,
Of my love, from my feel,
As you have so much to do,
Much to face, loads to trace,
while you're sleeping,
I am leaving,
If i wont,
You will be weeping,
As my exit cannot be prolong,
So here i go,
Taking you partialy in me,
With a wish for you,
That you may get rid of me!


P.S(Its all about the pain one feels while leaving other. It sometimes happen life makes us apart! Do comment.)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Allow me once
oh u please
to take u back,
where we started,
And then ride you here,
So that we both can see,
Who was wrong,
Who was so wrong that we are aparted,
From those around I hear a cry,
And in me it so dry
I want to tell you everything,
But i feel dumb,
I know its painful,
Just i cant feel,
The pain is in your heart,
Is visible through your eyes,
I can see but cant just feel,
As i no longer am alive,
Although i breath, eat and listen,
But i cant speak,
My ideology is changed,
And so is me,
I am so quite and the silence is in me,
No longer i wish to be free,
I hope for death,
As I seek for sleep,
As nothing is left,
For me to see,
But before i leave,
I wish to cry,
Holding you tight,
I wish to die!


P.s(I know this is not a very fine piece of mine while reading i know you will come accross of alot of mistakes for whic i am sorry by my heart!)

The fear in me
helps me never
in searching you
despite the fact
that i miss u
the heart in me
loves you
my brain never respond
on any feeling of your's
it makes me quite
quite and silent
as its before storm
the storm comes
just aftr you leave
it takes away everythng
that is with in me
and it too like you
makes me alone!
All alone on my own!
P.S(I dedicate this poem to people who felt this feeling, the feeling of loneliness even in crowd)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Querulous ! (شکوہ)

Moving my hands,
In my hairs,
Slowly and softly,
With my closed eyes,
I still wonder,
Chasing back time,
So little it had been,
Apart from you,
Those beautiful days,
Where sun sings and bloom the lanes,
Where "you" & "me" got "we",
& from where "we" got "you & "me"
Those moments i can never forget,
Things! yes they change,
But why they so quickly do so,
When i count on my fingers,
A fact makes me realize,
Years are passed,
But when i miss you,
It feels,
So little it had been,
Apart from you!



You are killing me,
slowly and conciously,
as each day i am living,
without you is hard,
but when its with you,
its evn worse,
when you are apart from me,
I am unable to feel,
anything but you,
and when you are with me,
it's again you i am surrounded with,
i dont like life this way,
you knw!
When you are present with me around me,
losing you or getting apart fears me!
And this just tears me,
reading me through these lines,
getting happy and you're enjoying,
Smilin beautifuly,
or you may be laughing,
but its me who's facing,
you are important,
evn wen i dont want so,
i know we'll be apart,
stop this fear of mine,
come and tell me its so fine,
oh! My loved one!
The slow poison of mine!
by me do comment!


Words Count:137

I can feel her still,
She, so dead in my hands,
Thought i didn't mean too,
But she was killed by me,
As I took her breath,
Butrfee! I am so sorry,
Holding you in hands,
And feeling you,
Was a dream of mine,
But seeing you dead,
This reality holds my breathe,
Your wings were my inspiration,
Easpecially the design and combination,
They were like you Butrfee!
Beautiful and adorable,
I know its so bad of me,
The apology of mine,
After killing you,
But Butrfee!
PLease Beleive me!
Losing you was even worse for me!
As I still miss you!
Even after so many years!
You inspire me
Oh my butrfee!
I love you!
Words Count:116
Dear readers i dedicate this poem to the butterfly (butrfee) killed by me her feel is still with me..

Monday, February 2, 2009

My Angel Doll !

For mummy she was a doll,
For daddy she was an angel,
For brother she was an inspiration,
But as time passed,
Things started changing,
Now she was a girl with 21 age,
Still she feels the angel in her,
Although no longer no one sees,

Her choice was different,
Instead of fishes she love seals,
With freakles on her face,
She was lost one day,
All they searched but she was not found,
Her mommy asked teachers,
About her genius daughter,
Her teacher replied she was an aimless person,

On way back home with eyes watering,
They all wre hoping for a miracle of her return,
Oh! yes she was back to her home,
With all she faced,
She was neither an angel nor was a doll,
She was girl with loads to call,
Words made her an angel and her a doll!


I dont know weather this poem reflects me or it dont. I being the owner, the poet of this poem dedicate this piece of mine to .a. .. who made me wish to be boy ( she will be the only reason why i want to be a boy ;) so th i cud marry her ) *hugs*

Sunday, February 1, 2009

My Love .. Words Matters...

Loss of words,
made me once again,
to make an effort towards searchin you,
you my love, my destiny,
my wish my only pray,
As i walk in past,
And found you out,
you! My inspiration,
my only destination,
your name,
it brings a smile on my face,
oh yes! I am with words again,
Who say you are nowhere?
As you are everywhre,
In my poems in my writtings,
in my eyes in my feelings,
in my heart in my dealings,
See you filled me with words again!