Saturday, December 12, 2009


I always wanted to be sure,
Of everything I had and everything I do,
I each time put a step forward,
I did it with passion and so much effort,
With certainty to win and no hopes to lose,
But then one day,
I felt as if my feet’s are somewhere down,
Deeper then I could imagine,
Heavy and fatigue,
I tried hard with all my strength,
But nothing helped,
And then I remember the God of mine,
HE who created me once,
With a certainty of nothing but my return,
I felt the path was easy,
Though my feet still pained,
But a wave then came,
I took away the sand and my hostage feet,
They were set free,
Nothing changed,
The sea still was calm and waves were same,
But I was different,
The belief was born-again…


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