Friday, April 10, 2009


My hands are trembled..
My words are jumbled
I feel like a lost kid..
Searching for my family
The known faces among the unknown ones,
Standing facing the sky,
With nothing to do,
Helpless but hopefull,
In middle of a big crowd
With loads n loads of people around,
Around me but too busy to notice me,
To eager for thier destinations
Sometimes I feel blessed
That I am not one of them
But sometimes my heart aches
Why " i " am not one of these?
As my words are jumbled,
& my hands are trembled..


  1. Tan said...
    That was a perfect picture that you have painted... you know yourself well, it seems!!
    illusiOn said...
    :) i feel the same.. THANKS ...
    Alvaro Delgado said...
    That was beautiful

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