Monday, May 4, 2009

My Love!


My love if its not you but her,
If she is my love,
Whose right now is in my arms
Then why when i close my eyes
I see your image
Why I always try to find you in her
Why her touch doesn't possess the magic
That yours weilded,
Why your touch always ensnared my heart
And hers makes no difference,
Why her closeness doesnt make my heart flutter,
Why eyes of mine search you even when she is around
My love, if its her, why do I then look for you,
And if she is not and you are the one,
So baby just tell me
Why I let you go
My love if its you but not her!


P.S( I dont know why i wrote it.. but yes i wrote it for Tainted Love up coming blogisode.. )


  1. Anonymous said...
    i don't read much of ur tainted love series bcoz of andi and alpi series! :)

    but i can't wait to read the blogisode which has this beautiful piece as a part of it!

    good one insi! :)
    Brosreview said...
    Well, I have not read any of your written work. This poem has the feel , sort of. But, there are quite a few errors which, if polished shall make this very good, I believe. No offence meant.

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