Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Immense thoughts of mine,
Led me towards the pain,,
The suffering of unviolent loss,
Captures me and my heart,
Heals me with a great gain of loss,
The gain of loss plunders me,
And my heart aches
Aches as the dusk falls to the dawn and,
Dawn falls to dusk,
It aches as if nothing is left but wounds,
Thousands of miles away you are,
Nor can i shout, nor can you hear,
So my wordless thoughts,
End on my silent grave!

Sunday, May 24, 2009


A turning point came in my life,

Dark, very dark and so very quiet,
As if nobody could hear me,
Restless and keen I was, to,
Know what's wrong, why I was,

Surrounded with infinite silence,
I wanted to scream but my voice was choked,
Languid I was, with no hope,
Escape I wanted but had no hope,
Not now, not again,
Tired and fatigued, but couldn't move on,

Groan in agony, as emotions melt from my heart
Result was in tears, leaving my eyes,
Although I loved silence,
Voices but I now wanted for sure,
Eager, bolstering words from my loved ones


P.S( Maverick thank you so much for help and you know what i wrote it keeping you in mind, imagining you and myself off course)
P.S.S( Its dedicate to me and maverick exclusively) heheh

Monday, May 4, 2009


My love if its not you but her,
If she is my love,
Whose right now is in my arms
Then why when i close my eyes
I see your image
Why I always try to find you in her
Why her touch doesn't possess the magic
That yours weilded,
Why your touch always ensnared my heart
And hers makes no difference,
Why her closeness doesnt make my heart flutter,
Why eyes of mine search you even when she is around
My love, if its her, why do I then look for you,
And if she is not and you are the one,
So baby just tell me
Why I let you go
My love if its you but not her!


P.S( I dont know why i wrote it.. but yes i wrote it for Tainted Love up coming blogisode.. )

I will leave you here and will die soon!

Since I met you my love,
I dont know and dont even want to know,
Oh! what you do to me,
You are so much to me, more then anything,
Without you I was like a thirsty desert,
Waiting for rain which can quench the thirst,
Before you - 'My blessing' arrived, I was like
A kid who stands facing the sky in a fair, lost and alone
But as I met you I felt,
On top of the world
Yet alone, but filled with your love
I dont know what you do to me
They all say, I am in love
My world is complete with you as my soul,
But as an angel, my love for you gets stronger,
A fear clinches my heart, fear of being apart not leaving you
How can I!!!
But what if my life loses and death wins
Then my love
I would have to...go...with no choice at all,
I will leave you here and will die soon..

P.S( This is for my dady.. I love you dad soooo much..)