Saturday, April 4, 2009


Partially i am broken,
Alone and zonked without you,
Immerse I am with your thoughts,
Nothing else as I can do now,

I love you and thats a truth,
Sadness enchant me as every night your dreams end..

Ailness of mind is how I see my fate,
Don't you love me?, if you,
Do come back please then,
I am missing you,
Consummate you will me,
To feel you with me is all I want..
I love you believe me,
Vivid your memory is and I seek
Enslave I am of yours..


Prompted @ Acrostic Only


  1. Amias said...
    Oh so much pain .. love is such a hard things, even if it is wonderful, it hurts so bad.
    Anonymous said...
    wow insi! super! :)

    btw, i liked ur old template more da! :)
    illusiOn said...

    Yes it do.. but thats part of life naa? No!
    illusiOn said...

    :) me too but it had some problems so had to chnage it focibly....
    Tan said...
    That was suuuuuppppeerrrrr Insiya!!! Too much of pain in it though!!! Well written :)

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