Thursday, June 18, 2009

I saw her down the valley,
Again, near the lake side; looking so lonely,
Cigarette burning between two fingers,
She looked dazed from crashed memories,
Quiet but awake,
Serene but crashed,
Soft but mistrusted,
Strong she looked yet weak too,
Lost beyond disturbance,
I could feel it always and she could see it never,
Her glittering eyes were deep in pain,
Busy, she was; in collecting her memories, her treasure,
Drowned in her dreams,
Shattered dreams that were dashed into pointed pieces,
Shards that wounded her hands while they gathered,
I could see blood, wounds and tears,
Glimpses of invisible shearing pain she felt,
I want her to be happy again,
I hope she finds love again,
But my desires and hopes have different paths to lead,
I take my eyes off her,
And leave her down the valley,
To let her stand on her feet again,
And she will be in love again!



  1. Maverick said...
    It is way too of ur best works to date.....luvd da way emotions flowed at an incessant rate....awesomely true is wat u hav written dat I feel da same way fr u! :)

    As i said u r turning into a delightfully talented poet....wid deft charm to handle subtle nd intense emotions...both wid ease nd panache!

    Keep at it! luvd it! *bows in respect*
    illusiOn said...
    Ty ty *blushes..*
    mysterious gal said...
    wow this was beautiful :)u rendered me speechless :)
    illusiOn said...

    Ty for visiting for joining.. andbaove all for praising and for reading.. keep visiting..
    Дℓї ŽεЄ§h∂ŋ said...
    hEy Hie Nice blog I love it...nd am ur follower now..plz visit to my blog and follow me there if u lke muh blog BYe!
    illusiOn said...

    Thank you so very much dear..
    ~*~ Jal Pari ~*~ said...
    Oh this is probably the best poem I've read in days..

    Keep penning..
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