Saturday, January 31, 2009

Come With Me Before I Leave!

Death is on its way,
But before leaving you behind,
All alone on your own,
I've a feeling,
I should return once to you,
All the precious moments,
That you really deserve,
I want to hug you,
Kiss you and embrace you,
Like never before,
So that whenever you see yourself,
in a mirror or in someone's eyes,
It reminds you the love of mine,
The feel of mine,
As i want to live in you,
Yes! I knw i am in you,
But after me i know,
Your life will not stop,
Even i dont want so,
As all i want is just to,


Words Count: 107

I am sorry ppl but ever since the competition started my mind is filled with words and I swear words are forcing me to write :$

Sochon ke is bhanwar main,
Bethay ho kiun akailay,
Ghabra gaye ho shayed,
Kia hogaya tumhain hai?
Dukh sukh to hain atay jatay,
Naumeed kiun ho bethay,
Utho chalo zara tum!
Dhondo nai musafat,
Khojo naya sa rasta,
Uljho kaheen zara tum,
Phir dikhna ke kaise,
Hota hai masala hal,
Chahe koi na chahay,
ALLAH hai chahnay wala,
Tum ko batanay wala,
Tum ko sikhanay wala,
Aas ussay rakho,
Umeed ussay bandho,
k ALLAH bohat bara hai,
ALLAH bohat bara hai !

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Once Inspired Want to Inspire!

Inspiring you!
Was a dream of mine,
You by my walk,
By my talk with my stalk,
By the way i look,
Or the way i cook,
Storm of my emotions,
My endless feelings,
But then i realize,
What i want you to feel,
Is actualy what i percieve,
I want you to be inspired,
as I am already,
Oh! Yes i am,
Really i am,
By ' you '
Or i may say ' the complete you ',
If you wouldnt have inspired me,
Then believe Oh! You me,
I wouldnt have wished once,


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

You still !
I am still inspired,
By your every sight,
The voice of yours,
The charming nights,
Although no longer you belong to me,
Still i feel you in me,
Each night i set alone,
with senti-heart and a smiling face,
You in me ... just me and you,
All alone in silent tunnel,
Of membrane,
Though you not here,
Not around me not anywhere,
But i feel you so here,
and i belong to you,
You still!

Sleepless nights,
Drowsy days,
Oh! my grand ma,
Aftr you i faced,
I am so sorry!
Oh! Really i am ,
As its just 22nd day,
Without you i traced,
I dont want to live,
But cant end this way,
Although i miss you,
I love you always,
Oh! my grand ma,
You are, i want to praise,
I dont know how you are there,
But i want you to be happy,
I hold your memories tight,
As i wish to see you every night,
Oh! My grand ma
Be my inspiration,
Always b mine!


I miss you amma i lost you and i pass 23 days without you but believe me each night was hard for me...