Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Immense thoughts of mine,
Led me towards the pain,,
The suffering of unviolent loss,
Captures me and my heart,
Heals me with a great gain of loss,
The gain of loss plunders me,
And my heart aches
Aches as the dusk falls to the dawn and,
Dawn falls to dusk,
It aches as if nothing is left but wounds,
Thousands of miles away you are,
Nor can i shout, nor can you hear,
So my wordless thoughts,
End on my silent grave!


  1. Maverick said...
    It so very beautiful...intense on a strange way....just like you.....Luvd da poem very much! keep at it!

    PS: if u can change the title and a word in da poem frm *voilent* to *violent*!
    its just a small typo! :)
    Anonymous said...

    insi this is beautiful..
    intense :)

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