Monday, April 6, 2009



Frozen I am standing,
Remembering your grace,
I still miss you,
Embolden I was everytime you were around,
Need of you it still here with me,
Do come back as my friendship still lasts,
Same it will be forever, for you,
How much I love, is not the question,
I still miss you and that what matters,
Protest I will, if you don't! ... miss me


Frank and free, easy to be with,
Relation we all wants such,
I even want so,
Emblaze I was when we met,
Now I did why i felt so,
Different you were but not from me,
So fimiliar you looked, it,
Happens not with all of us,
I now have a friend like you, what else I need,
Praise, honour, love. none but you.. forever..


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  1. Tan said...
    That was a set of two good poems Insiya... Nice to see you trying Acrostics... Hope you know about the Blog: Acrostic Only. Do visit the same and keep experimenting with words...

    You write well in English too... Keep writing!!!
    Amias said...
    Tan is right, these are good.

    Friendship is a wonderful thing, especially when you are friends with the one you truly love!
    illusiOn said...
    :) Thank you!
    Maggie said...
    great acrostic on friendship
    Ofira Sephiroth said...
    Very nicely written.

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