Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Querulous ! (شکوہ)

Moving my hands,
In my hairs,
Slowly and softly,
With my closed eyes,
I still wonder,
Chasing back time,
So little it had been,
Apart from you,
Those beautiful days,
Where sun sings and bloom the lanes,
Where "you" & "me" got "we",
& from where "we" got "you & "me"
Those moments i can never forget,
Things! yes they change,
But why they so quickly do so,
When i count on my fingers,
A fact makes me realize,
Years are passed,
But when i miss you,
It feels,
So little it had been,
Apart from you!



  1. Anonymous said...
    on the contrary i feel like eternity when i am away from my loved ones .. i just loved this poem ..
    illusiOn! said...
    hehehe thts how i feel!
    Navchawla said...
    beautifully portrayed....loved
    Where "you" & "me" got "we",
    & from where "we" got "you & "me"

    i also love poetry..u made one more fan today..m following this blog now :)
    illusiOn said...
    Thanks! :)

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