Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I can feel her still,
She, so dead in my hands,
Thought i didn't mean too,
But she was killed by me,
As I took her breath,
Butrfee! I am so sorry,
Holding you in hands,
And feeling you,
Was a dream of mine,
But seeing you dead,
This reality holds my breathe,
Your wings were my inspiration,
Easpecially the design and combination,
They were like you Butrfee!
Beautiful and adorable,
I know its so bad of me,
The apology of mine,
After killing you,
But Butrfee!
PLease Beleive me!
Losing you was even worse for me!
As I still miss you!
Even after so many years!
You inspire me
Oh my butrfee!
I love you!
Words Count:116
Dear readers i dedicate this poem to the butterfly (butrfee) killed by me her feel is still with me..


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