Saturday, January 31, 2009

Come With Me Before I Leave!

Death is on its way,
But before leaving you behind,
All alone on your own,
I've a feeling,
I should return once to you,
All the precious moments,
That you really deserve,
I want to hug you,
Kiss you and embrace you,
Like never before,
So that whenever you see yourself,
in a mirror or in someone's eyes,
It reminds you the love of mine,
The feel of mine,
As i want to live in you,
Yes! I knw i am in you,
But after me i know,
Your life will not stop,
Even i dont want so,
As all i want is just to,


Words Count: 107

I am sorry ppl but ever since the competition started my mind is filled with words and I swear words are forcing me to write :$


  1. kings said...
    good one.

    frankly speaking...tht was good effort linking death and inspiration...but rationally it didnt go well together...but the final product...the poem was really good...
    illusiOn! said...
    thank you kings..

    i was thinkng to change the last line though...
    Anonymous said...
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    Anonymous said...
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