Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Bohat be-rabt batain hain,
Ajab shikway shikayat hain,
Na waqt sanjha hai,
NA qurbat ki talab ab hai,
Zindagi sab ki uljhi hai,
Kiun phir sirf hum ne socha hai,
Han wazan to khud he uthana hai,
So na naraz tum se hain,
Na he khud se roothay hain,
Pr kia karain bhai,
Zindagi ka waqt thora hai,
Hum isse darte hain,
Hum isse harain hain!!!
So ab se jahan b raho tum,
Jeete raho or khush raho tum,
Ab yehi soocha hai…


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